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Scott Kelby's 3rd Annual Worldwide Photowalk was AMAZING!!

We had soo much fun!!

The day started off so-so weather wise - it was gray and drizzling rain.  The weather forecast was favorable, but it was going to be HOT and humid.... they were predicting 100% humidity.

We met at our pre-determined meeting spot and were all quite excited to get going!   I had a few people decide not to participate due to the weather (6), but the rest of us eagerly embraced the hot, humid summer sun.


To be honest, I don't know what I was thinking when I sceduled it from 1-4pm in the middle of July.... but on the "bright" side, it provided a challenge to the photographers!

Out walk took place in a small Quebec town.  We started out in one of the larger parks, and were delighted to find kids playing in a splash park, men playing softball, and teens out on the bike/skate ramps.


We then walked through a couple of residential streets and found our way to the town's cemetary and church. The sun was quite hot at this point and we were delighted to find a cool, shady spot among some giant pines. 


Our next leg was to venture down the town's main road until we arrived at our end point - Isla Zare.    We definately welcomed the cool air and refreshing beverages at the end of your trek.

We had the opportunity to swap cameras in the restaurant to see what everyone had "seen". It really is amazing how different everyone sees the world.   It was a very enjoyable day.... and one that I look forward to again next year!